Young Adult Golden Retrievers For Sale

Selecting a young adult golden retriever from Golden Meadows Retrievers will ensure that your new furry friend is obedient, friendly and caring. These dogs differ from our younger puppy selection, as they are fully trained the Golden Meadows way.
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Older, well-practiced Golden Retrievers.

Many of our trained dogs at this level would make amazing Comfort Dogs, and even great Service Dogs or Therapy Dogs. These trained companion dogs have wonderful attributes and the ability to learn specialized service tasks.
A * by the dogs name indicates an AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Whether you’re bringing a newborn puppy or a grown adult dog into your home, you’re adding a new member to your family. Golden Meadows Retrievers wants the best fit for your home, so we’ll offer a number of adult golden retrievers for sale that will melt your heart.

Trained Young Adult Golden Retrievers in California

What does young adult mean? Our young adult fully trained golden retrievers know right from wrong behaviors. These companions have been well-socialized and work on and off of a leash. 

  • Walking on a leash with etiquette
  • Obey commands off their leash
  • Displaying crate training
  • Showing full potty training (can go hours at a time)
  • Understanding verbal and hand signal commands
  • Ability to jump into vehicles
  • Socialization schools are advanced
  • Ability to go with you and have excellent manners
  • Ability to go to their bed and stay
  • Wait at the door
  • Not go outside without permission
  • Won’t walk around poles while on walks
  • Fetching
  • Some learn to swim
  • Some have potential as service or therapy companions

Young Adult

All our pups in training, receive all of this training as young adults as well. As they continue through their training, they move up in price and ability to master all these items listed above.

Young adult dogs from Golden Meadows Retrievers are trained to listen, behave and stay out of trouble. Our Golden Retrievers undergo training as soon as they’re born and are available at a few different stages based on your preference.

Why Golden Meadows Retrievers?

Golden Meadows Retrievers is unlike any other breeder. Aside from providing a selection of Golden Retrievers and Vizslas, our team dedicates time to introduce our puppies to life experiences. Golden Meadows Retrievers goes above and beyond to make sure your dog begins the training process and demonstrates good temperament.

We engage our dogs in Early Neurological Stimulation to prepare them for mild stressors during life. The exercises stimulate the neurological system to improve a dog’s immune system, cardiovascular system and stress tolerance. It also increases their socialibitly and trainability.

We care for our pups from day one. By providing testing for hereditary defects and keeping clean environments, we ensure that our puppies are always safe from harm. Golden Meadows Retrievers nurtures dogs through the Von Falconer Way to introduce these furry friends to external stimuli. This keeps them well-rounded for when they leave our facility and head to your home.

Young Adult Golden Retriever Profiles

If you’re interested in learning more about our young adult Golden Retrievers, you’ll be happy to know that we keep all available listings online. It’s important to find a companion that suits your lifestyle, which is why we make sure each young adult Golden Retriever has an online profile for you to read.

All young adult Golden Retriever profiles have additional information about birthdays, available dates, training status, age stage and gender. Our online profiles will let you know if there are any other families interested in a particular pup, so be sure to check if reservations exist.

Young adult Golden Retrievers have personality bios on their profile. You can easily discover if a dog is playful or enjoys cuddling. A dog is an important new addition to any family, so we have photos online from when each puppy was born to present-day images.

Golden Meadows Retrievers Will Find Your New Companion

By contacting Golden Meadows Retrievers, you ensure that our team gets to learn more about you. We ask our customers to fill out our Puppy Information Request Form so that we can match each one to a new best friend.

Golden Meadows Retrievers will introduce you to your ideal dog match with temperament, activity level and pack placement in mind. Check out our current roster of Golden Retrievers today!

Disclaimer: Puppies, are not programmable and do not all reach the exact same level. Like Children some pups will have harder times in certain areas and it is impossible to fully guarantee perfect training with every pup. Continuing success at home has as much to do with the new family as our training so it is important for you to be prepared to keep practicing with the tools given. Golden Meadows does guarantee that they will have worked hundreds of hours with each puppy and will do everything possible to prepare your puppy and you. Golden Meadows will provide training instructions, DVD videos and a lifetime of support so you can continue training and socializing your pup.