Started Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

These boys & girls have started their training & are available to go home soon. And you can finish the training using the foundation that we have built for you.
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Started Golden Retrievers

These are our partially trained Golden Retriever puppies and can be reserved for your family .We have found many of our clients would like a younger pup that they can finish training themselves.

Be Impressed with what a 12 week old puppy can already do!

Each pup is already crate trained and sleeps through the night without an accident. We train our pups to come to both a whistle and a snap. They have begun learning to walk on a leash, sit, stay, high 5,down, come, wait at the door, fetch and drop, not to jump on people, and not to chew anything but toys. They have also been well socialized.

Of Course at this age they will have lapses & they need continuing education. They will work well for short times, because like most children they have short attention spans. In your home you will help them to become a well mannered Canine Citizen.

Pups are priced by training level proficiency.

Disclaimer: Puppies, are not programmable and do not all reach the exact same level. Like Children some pups will have harder times in certain areas and it is impossible to fully guarantee perfect training with every pup. Continuing success at home has as much to do with the new family as our training so it is important for you to be prepared to keep practicing with the tools given. Golden Meadows does guarantee that they will have worked hundreds of hours with each puppy and will do everything possible to prepare your puppy and you. Golden Meadows will provide training instructions, DVD videos and a lifetime of support so you can continue training and socializing your pup.