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Due to the demand for our amazing pups and trainees we have to operate with a MASTER WAITING LIST

Our Golden Retriever and Vizsla Puppies

Puppy Information Request

This is an application for getting a Golden Meadows Puppy. Answer each question thoroughly this will also be used to help us evaluate the right litter/puppy for your home and family.

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All of our pups will head home with at least 1 week Crate Experience. The levels refer to our available already trained or to be trained options.
Without your email we cannot send you photos or the specific details on available matches.

We take our time to assess each puppy request, which typically results in a slow response time; we appreciate your patience.

We are available by appointment only, Wednesday through Saturday from 11am – 4pm. You can also call us at 805.532.2216 we are typically answering phones and returning messages Tuesday- Saturday 10-3.

If you experience any problems, please feel free to email us at: Contact Us

We accept all MAJOR CREDIT CARDS* (VISA, MASTERCard, American Express), Personal Checks, Cash and NOW ACCEPTING ZELLE! *There is a 3% fee for Credit Card charges.

Next Steps

To get one of our pups you’d want to be on our Master Waiting List to be in Line. This does require a nonrefundable deposit. Current estimate for bringing home one of our pups(these are estimates it could be later) and current prices for untrained pups:

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Trained Puppies
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Golden Meadow


$3,500: Fall 2022

Goldens (non-cream)

$5,000: Late 2022/Early 2023.

Cream Goldens

$6,000: Spring 2023.