Up and Coming Vizsla Puppies

Starting cost for our untrained Vizslas is $3,500.
We accept all MAJOR CREDIT CARDS* (VISA, MASTERCard, American Express), Personal Checks, Cash and NOW ACCEPTING ZELLE!

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New Expecting Litters

Due to the demand for our amazing pups and trainees we have to operate with a MASTER WAITING LIST.


HanaKai, mom: 45lbs, new momma. sweet affectionate VERY ACTIVE ATHLETE! loves to explore chase and run. very agile.


Billy, Dad: about 65 lbs our NEWEST STUD! A gorgeous well rounded boy who loves fetching and cuddles. Long legs athletic build with broad chest and large head. Billy grew up in our training program and we are soo thrilled with our decision for him to become our newest Daddy. From our Hungarian lines.

Hanakai and Billy are paired again this season excited for another batch of AMAZING "calm for a vizsla" beautiful pups. Billy traces back to our large but American lines and Hanakai is a combination from Hungary and American. We love her traditional Vizsla drive and playful happy attitude. Billy is one of our beefy quiet boys. Mom Hanakai is such a cuddler. We expect these pups to be people oriented, athletic and built for endurance. Be prepared for affectionate pups!

Their previous Girl

Their previous Boy

Up and Coming Vizsla Puppies

We have been breeding Vizlsas for more than 17 years now. Like our Golden Retrievers, our Vizsla puppies are bred for temperament, health & conformation. Our Vizsla puppies for sale, come with a  minimum of 1 year health guarantee against genetic hip, heart & eye defects and we are happy to go an additional 2 years if our families continue to provide the High Quality food we already start our Vizsla puppies on. We show our adults in AKC & IABCA conformation. Most of the adults in our Vizsla breeding program are either champions or they are bred to a champion.

Training is available for any puppy that you get from us.

We are constantly amazed by the personality the Vizsla puppies display. They are full of life and seem to enjoy every minute of the day. We try to remember that they aren’t human and not to attribute human emotions to them. However, it is sometimes difficult to remember this when the Vizsla gives you a quizzical look or a look of complete adoration. Like the Golden Retrievers the Vizslas are a wonderful all around family dog & constant companion.