New Arrivals Vizsla Puppies For Sale

Vizsla Puppies For Sale – New Arrivals

These are our most Recent Vizsla puppies born. All of our Vizsla puppies prior to being sent home have received all of their age appropriate shots, been de-wormed at least 3 times, and received socialization from day one. We believe it is important that the pups be handled often.

All of our Vizslas are Crate Trained and Microchipped.
We accept all MAJOR CREDIT CARDS* (VISA, MASTERCard, American Express), Personal Checks, Cash and NOW ACCEPTING VENMO!

*There is a 3% fee for Credit Card charges.

New Arrivals Vizsla Puppies For Sale

You can get on the Master Waiting list for one of our Vizslas with a 20% deposit. We have been breeding Vizlsas for over 17 years now. Like our Golden Retrievers, our Vizsla puppies are bred for temperament, health & conformation. Our Vizsla puppies for sale, come with up to 3 year health guarantee against genetic hip, heart & eye defects as  long as you continue the high quality food and the vitamin we are currently feeding the pup. We do show our adults in AKC & IABCA conformation. Most of the adults in our Vizsla breeding program are either champions or they are bred to a champion. Training is available for any puppy that you get from us.

I am constantly amazed by the personality that the Vizsla puppies display. They are so full of life & just seem to enjoy every minute of the day. We try to remember that they aren’t human & attribute human emotions to them. However it is difficult sometimes to remember that, when they look at you with a quizzical or a look of complete adoration. Like the Golden Retrievers the Vizslas are a wonderful all around family dog & constant companion.

Our Movie Star Pups

Our pups have appeared in a few commercials – check them out!