Puppy Training The Von Falconer Way

In addition to testing for hereditary defects and maintaining clean and safe environments, Golden Meadows goes above and beyond to nurture our pups from birth. Von Falconer developed a break down by age for introducing pups to external stimuli to ensure they are well-rounded and prepared for the outside world.


Puppy Training The Von Falconer Way

Here is an excerpt from The “Von Falconer Way” Puppy Training that we follow for each litter:

Von Falconer 101

Dog breeding and training continues to be an important part of the human lifestyle. Man’s best friend is still driven to protect, love, and be a companion to its family; proper training can encourage a dog to follow its natural behavioral tendencies. Von Falconer K9 training is a family of dog trainers who are committed to training dogs well to meet their owners needs.

Fully Trained Golden Retriever Puppies

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What Is Von Falconer Canine Training?

Von Falconer canine training, which starts at about three weeks after a puppy’s birth, is a method of conditioning that introduces the puppy to external stimuli in a controlled method, over a period of time. This way, the puppy becomes gradually conditioned to the outside world and can serve in many different roles, including just being a great family pet. The even temperament displayed by dogs trained in the Von Falconer method make them great companions for children with special needs.

Von Falconer K9 training is a very particular method of dog training that involves subjecting puppies to careful touch and sound conditioning. When carried out in a loving and professional manner, the result is often a well-trained puppy ready to be loved in a good home. If you are looking to purchase a trained puppy or will be purchasing a puppy that you want to have trained, you may want to consider researching various facilities that use the Von Falconer method. Like many pet parents, you will surely be happy with the results you see in your new four-legged family member!

To put it simply, unlike the typical and basic puppy training program, Von Falconer K9 training tends to focus on conditioning a puppy through touch, sound, commands, and socialization. The training starts around the time the puppy is 22 days old, when puppies tend to become aware of their self-environment.

Perfect for Competition, Working, & Family Dogs

Von Falconer trained puppies can go on to become competition show dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, family protection dogs, and just wonderfully adapted family pets. Von Falconer canine training is even used to train dogs for police work. Through the controlled introduction of touch and sounds and other environmental stimuli, these dogs remain stable and well-rounded in the way they react to the outside world.

Police forces around the world still rely on dogs to sniff out trouble, literally. Training highly intelligent K9 units takes great skill and months of intensive training. Often, police officers trust their lives to their K9 units; which means that dogs must be thoroughly prepared for unexpected working conditions. European shepherd breeds and herding animals come from breeding programs that date back hundreds of years. Using one of these dogs for security or in a police situation provides handlers with the best results.

Levels of Training

There are many different levels to this training. You can purchase a puppy that is already fully trained or you can enroll your puppy in training classes, only training him to the point where he meets your family needs. Most facilities that offer Von falconer trained puppies for sale use Golden Retrievers, Vizslas, or, sometimes, German Shepherds. Due to their pleasing temperament, Golden Retrievers make especially good family pets.

Training a puppy takes a lot of know-how, which is why it is important that you get professional help with training. Although the Von Falconer method might sound simple enough, it is very important that it is carried out in a certain way for the most effective results.

The Basics of Von Falconer K9 Training

Your puppy is cute, wiggly, and a wonderful addition to your family, but is he or she trained to properly interact with humans in your world? The Von Falconer K9 training program is designed to prepare puppies from a very early age to become loving, well-rounded animals that serve as pets, service animals, and long-time best friends. When you look for a new puppy, you may want to ask about the use of Von Falconer training. In order to better understand how this training program works, here are some of the basics.

Training using the Von Falconer method starts at a very early age. Puppies as young as three weeks old are started with conditioning to help them on their way towards a well-behaved life. One of the first steps for training puppies using this method is sound conditioning. Untrained dogs can react negatively to common household sounds, but Von Falconer K9 training prepares puppies to live among humans and to be used to sounds such as babies crying, vacuuming, and the banging of pots and pans. With this training, a puppy is already used to the noises that will occur in your home.

Discipline is essential in any puppy training program, but the Von Falconer program uses gentle discipline to prepare puppies to accept discipline from their owners. This gentle discipline reminds puppies that they have acted incorrectly, but does not instill fear of humans or negative reactions to any discipline.

Puppies trained under the Von Falconer K9 training program are taught how to follow their master without being attached to a leash. This allows owners to be free from worry about whether their dog will run off after another animal or towards an unfamiliar human. With proper training, you can feel good about your dog and how he or she will be able to interact with others. Trained puppies have control of themselves and are better able to mesh into your family without any issues.

Creating a Bond of Trust

Any kind of dog training must first begin with creating trust between the trainer and the dog. Von Falconer K9 uses this method to teach dogs to be police dogs, canine bomb sniffers, protectors, and highly obedient pets. The dogs they sell and raise from the time they are puppies are exclusively bred and hand selected to be the most intelligent and driven dogs possible. They primarily train German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois.

No matter what kind of dog you choose to own, having your pet go through proper K9 training is a great way to build a lasting relationship. There are a lot of different training facilities for you to choose from, which is precisely why you should be selective about where you go to have your dog trained. One acclaimed method of training is known as Von Falconer K9 training — this is a very specific technique employed by many training facilities, which produces great results.

Getting a Trained Dog & Training Your Current Dog

Von Falconer K9 training guarantees the performance and obedience of each of the dogs they train from puppies, but you could also have your current dog evaluated and trained to be a family or business protector. Military and police dogs are always trained from the time they are puppies, and since so much effort and investment has gone into training each dog, there can sometimes be a waiting list.

Von Falconer K9 training is one of the best suppliers of working police and military dogs in the California area. Even if you simply want a pet or companion that is obedient and highly intelligent, this is a great breading/training program to choose your next dog from.

If you are looking for a well-trained puppy, to be used as a service companion or just as a great addition to your family, you should consider one that has undergone Von falconer canine training. With its ongoing emphasis on love, touch, and sound conditioning to the external environment, these well-rounded puppies are sure to meet your needs.