Reasons Golden Retriever Puppies Make Great Family Pets

Reasons Golden Retriever Puppies Make Great Family Pets

When you are ready to take the plunge and welcome a new puppy into your life, then it is important to find the right breed. You will want one that will be a great companion and can easily fit into your lifestyle. If you are active, social and want a dog that can run right alongside you, then you should consider Golden Retriever puppies. Not only are these dogs certified through the American Kennel Club (AKC), but if they are bred correctly they are sociable, fun, and have great intelligence.

Benefits of Golden Retriever Puppies

Here are some of the top reasons why golden retriever puppies are great for your family:

They Make Great Family Dogs

Golden Retrievers are great with kids and are one of the few dogs that can keep up with a child’s busy life. They provide a soft place to cuddle, a best friend to play with and a great partner for story time.

They Are Active

Golden Retriever puppies make the best pets for people with an active and fun lifestyle. They love to run, play catch and go for a swim.

They Are Friendly & Social

Most Golden Retrievers have a sweet temperament and enjoy tagging along with whatever you are doing. They generally like meeting new people and new dogs and enjoy getting outside to play.

They Are Beautiful

Golden Retrievers make the cutest puppies, with soft fur and tiny but over-sized paws they are almost irresistible. As they grow, their beauty continues to develop and they turn into a healthy dog that is enviable by all your neighbors.

They Are Easy to Train

Most Golden Retrievers are eager to please and will readily respond to proper training techniques. They are gently and patient and thrive to impress their owners.

Benefits of Choosing an AKC Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder

When you are getting ready to welcome a new Golden Retriever into your home, one of the most important decisions to make is where you should look for that puppy.  One question that many people run into early in the search is whether getting a pedigree puppy from breeders registered with an organization like the American Kennel Club is worthwhile.  Here are a few of the advantages that do come with choosing AKC golden retriever puppies rather than puppies from other breeders.

Increased Likelihood of Getting The Pup Right For You

The primary benefit of choosing AKC-registered Golden Retriever breeders is that you improve your likelihood of getting exactly the dog that you want.  Breeders registered with the AKC are held to higher standards than breeders who operate independently, and they have access to information such as pedigrees that other breeders may not.  AKC members also have access to guidelines and even training programs to help them improve their breeding and training techniques.  All of this betters the odds of you finding a puppy that has a good lineage, strong health, and proper training.

Lower Probability of Health Issues

Some people may be deterred from considering AKC Golden Retriever puppies because unregistered puppies may be more readily available or offered at a lower price.  However, it is important to remember that any time or money you save up front will be lost later if your puppy suffers from health problems, lacks strong training, or possesses a bad temperament — all issues that are less likely to arise when you choose a top breeder like an AKC breeder.  Although being patient can be difficult, it more than pays off to wait a little longer for a puppy that comes from good parents and has received top-notch training.

Find a Responsible & Reputable Golden Retriever Breeder

If you feel ready to bring Golden Retriever puppies into your home, then make sure to find a responsible and proper breeder. They can show you the best way to care for your new puppy and help ensure the transition is flawless for both of you. Of course, every puppy and every breeder is unique.  It is still important to do your research on any breeder that you are considering and spend some time observing the prospective puppy as well as its parents.  Still, if you are serious about finding a well-bred and well-raised puppy to bring home, you will often have much better luck if you start by looking at AKC Golden Retriever puppies. Contact us today if you are interested!

Reasons Golden Retriever Puppies Make Great Family Pets

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