How Fast Is a Golden Retriever?

How Fast Is a Golden Retriever?

If you’re considering adding a golden retriever puppy to your family, it's important to know whether this breed is the right match for your lifestyle. Runners and athletes can be good fits for high-energy golden retrievers because these dogs enjoy runs. However, how fast a golden retriever can run will depend on several factors, including the dog’s health, age and fitness level.  These dogs can run faster in short bursts but are also good long-distance runners.

Golden Retriever Speeds Depending on the Activity

Since golden retrievers are bred as working dogs, they can run in fields for a long time, making them an ideal companion for joggers and distance runners. These dogs were bred to help retrieve game for hunters, which why they are excellent at athletic activities and require exercise to stay healthy.

So, how fast can a golden retriever run? In short bursts, the top speed of a golden retriever is about 35 mph. If you’re running long distances, your dog will have no trouble keeping up with you when you run 12 mph or faster. If you plan on jogging with your dog, make sure you speak to your vet first and work up to a run with walks first.

When you’re out with your dog, you may want to play fetch so it can have those high bursts of energy its personality demands. However, you will also want to take your golden retriever for longer runs so it can build strength, endurance and muscle. Proper exercise is key for golden retrievers because it prevents them from working off excess energy by digging and engaging in other destructive behaviors at home.

Understand the Breed's Need for Exercise

Golden retrievers are built for activity as they are muscular with a large body that can handle the stress of longer runs. While not as sleek and fast as a greyhound, golden retrievers still make excellent running dogs.

Ideally, a healthy, adult golden retriever will need to be exercised twice a day, for an hour in total. The exact amount of exercise will depend on the dog, so you will want to work with your vet to develop a healthy routine.

You should also buy a running leash for your golden retriever as well as reflective clothing and a vest. This helps you run comfortably while keeping your dog visible to motorists.

Is a Golden Retriever Right for You?

If a golden retriever would fit your active lifestyle, Golden Meadows Retrievers has been showing and breeding top golden retrievers for over 25 years. Our team only breeds dogs with proven healthy bloodlines, and we get to know our golden retriever puppies so we can select the right match for you. We can even get started on training by getting your dog familiar with some basic commands.

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How Fast Is a Golden Retriever?