Golden Retriever Puppies Are Simply Irresistible

Golden Retriever Puppies Are Simply Irresistible

Golden Retrievers are among the most affectionate of dogs, and there is something about the beseeching look in their eyes that has captured the hearts of dog owners for generations. It is no wonder that children, and adults for that matter, tend to fall in love when they encounter a Golden Retriever puppy. Who can resist, or would want to resist, this breed’s oversized, their wriggling tails, soft fur, and the bundle of friendly energy that lies beneath that fur? Given training, and of course, an owner’s love,  Golden Retriever puppies will mature into stately and confident adults that are no less energetic and adorable than they were when they were puppies. These life-loving canines were bred as work-horses, or rather work-dogs by hunters who fashioned them to play a rather rough game of fetch with waterfowl. One happy result of this breeding history is that they rarely bite down on humans. After all, they were designed by their breeding not to damage those tasty birds.

Why Trained Golden Retriever Puppies Are Priceless

With the hundreds of types of animals there are to choose from, many people may wonder why so many U.S. dog lovers choose to adopt Golden Retriever puppies over other breeds. While each puppy will have their own personality, likes, dislikes, and interests upon adoption, there is regular evidence displaying that most Golden Retrievers display the following common behaviors and capabilities. Adding a puppy to your family is an exciting prospect, but along with it comes a lot of responsibility.  Some people don’t realize how much dedication it takes to care for and train a new dog.  This can create a difficult situation that makes the owners frustrated and wish that they had not bought the puppy or even worse to abuse because the dog is not behaving like the owners would like him or her to. Either way, this is not fair to the dog because it does not know better.  Diligent, disciplined training will allow your puppy to learn and act the way that it should.  If you don’t have time to do this training yourself, or simply do not have the knowledge to do so, you have a number of options.  The first is to purchase already trained Golden Retriever puppies and the second is to pay for your puppy to attend training. Purchasing trained Golden Retriever puppies is a great option because the dog will know exactly how to act from the moment you bring it home.  It will likely be able to let you know when it needs to use the bathroom and will act the way that you want it to act.  If you have already purchased a puppy, however, you will need to find training schools that will train you dog for you.  This may mean you will need to send your dog away to training school for a short period of time. Keep in mind that the fact that just because your puppy has already been trained, it does not mean that you don’t still have to work with it to refine its skills.   You will have to continue working with your new dog throughout its life and will be able to teach it even more skills.  Being trained also does not mean that the dog does not need exercise.  You still have a responsibility to take your dog out for walks or runs frequently to keep him or her healthy; both mentally and physically.

A Very Intelligent Dog Breed

Golden Retrievers are thought of as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. With their ability to interact with people, learn complex commands, and obey their owners, Golden Retrievers are a smart breed that is very desirable for those who want to train their dog for specific reasons. Training can be directed towards turning a pup into hunting dog, or teaching it to become a guide or therapy dog for humans with special needs.

Great For Those Seeking Companionship

The good nature of Golden Retriever puppies makes them ideal for owners who are seeking companionship from their pet. With proper training and nurturing, many Golden Retriever owners find that their dogs become more than pets, but family members.

Incredible Amount of Loyalty

The loyalty of this breed of Retriever is unmatched by many other animal types. A faithful Golden learns to obey its master but is also eager to please those they love. Many owners of these devoted dogs say that the human and dog relationship becomes one of respect and mutual understanding.

Gentle with Children

Parents can have the assurance of knowing that these gentle animals, who as adults average in the seventy-pound range, are friendly with people, most especially including children, and with other dogs. They are people-lovers too, and exhibit none of the excessive sensitivity or out-of-control energy of some other dog breeds. These same wonderful qualities do suggest, however, that a Golden Retriever might not be the first choice in a guard dog.

Golden Retriever Puppies Love to Retrieve

Golden Retrievers also live up to their name, and children of all ages, including young-at-heart adults, may take countless hours of pleasure fashioning a game of fetch. Owners may choose what objects they please, be they sticks or tennis balls. While a Golden Retriever puppy may start out by toying with a thrown object, it will not take long to learn the cooperative pleasure of retrieval.

Different Colors & Types

Though they are called Golden, these dogs actually come in three colors: one that truly is golden, the other a fetching reddish brown, and white/cream.  Whatever their color, these dogs require exercise and social bonding. Fortunately, because Golden Retriever puppies have such melting charm, there’s little worry that their owners will fail to provide them with the attention they crave. Golden Retrievers are certainly an excellent choice to be a man or woman’s best friend. When given the proper training, Golden Retriever puppies can be groomed into well-behaved and very desirable animals. Not only do Retrievers make wonderful family pets, but can also take on roles as guide dogs and therapy animals. Many doctors and therapists believe that when medicine or surgery cannot heal, a Retriever may be the companion that is needed to heal the human heart. If your family or care center is ready to take in a member of this popular yet loving dog breed, look for a breeder in your area who offers animal pedigree charts and professional training options.

Golden Retriever Puppies Are Simply Irresistible

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