Common Traits of Pointing Dogs

Common Traits of Pointing Dogs

It is important to know some of the common traits of the dog you are looking to add to your family. Some dogs have various exercise requirements, temperaments and other needs that may or may not fit your family composition. Therefore, it would be wise to do your due diligence in the beginning and avoid any conflict later on. When considering a pointing dog, there are a few common traits that you should be aware of that may affect your decision.

Hunting Dog

These breeds are known to be excellent hunting dogs. In fact, they received their “pointing” title from the way that they tend to instinctively point their nose at their intended prey once they have located it. With their hunting heritage, these breeds require a hearty amount of daily exercise, and may not fair very well in an apartment environment. These dogs do well in large areas that allow for them to run and play, such as parks or open fields.

Required Training

Pointing dogs are known to be intelligent creatures. Therefore, they do tend to test their masters, however when trained properly they are very loyal. It is important to continue to train these breeds for them to stay obedient. To ensure a pointer puppy grows up to be a happy, obedient, and friendly adult, owners should make sure their dog receives the proper training. Training is a very important part of a dog’s development and gives the dog an understanding of authority and the fundamentals of behavior. Most pointing dogs are smart and very teachable, so a training program is an excellent investment to get the most of these dogs. Additionally, socializing pointers improves their behavior and accustoms them to many different scenarios. Pointer puppies should meet many other dogs and people and be allowed to investigate both outdoor and indoor environments as they are learning and developing.

Different Breeds

There are several different breeds within the pointer family including the German Longhaired Pointer, the Weimaraner, and the Vizsla. Though they share some of the same key characteristics, each breed still has its own unique ways. It is imperative that you do your research on each breed that you are considering before selecting a puppy. Some breeds may do better than others around small children, large groups of people or strangers, and these factors should be weighed in your decision so that you make the best choice for you and your household. All in all, pointing dogs are a great choice for active individuals and families. In the right environment, pointers can make wonderful family pets. Take time to learn the different traits of the breeds, and you will be well on your way to choosing the proper pet for you and your family.   Updated: 3/11/2022

Common Traits of Pointing Dogs

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