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Making puppy buying a great experience every time!

At Golden Meadows Kennel we specialize in picking the right dog for your family. Our employees are professionals at knowing what you are looking for and which one of our lovely balls of fur would make the best addition to you and your family. We decide based off of your info

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We have gotten many calls  about Vizslas and yes we have some Great Litter available.  We have an Encore Breeding of Julia and Lazlo and as we watch our baby boy Conrad fro their last litter grow we can assure you a pup form this litter captures the true essence

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Rule of 7

The rule of 7 is a trick we learned to help introduce our pups to new environments and get them used to many different things they may encounter in their lives. Much like ENS (early Neurological Stimulation) the Rule of seven introduces the pups small stresses that will help boost

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