We have gotten many calls  about Vizslas and yes we have some Great Litter available.  We have an Encore Breeding of Julia and Lazlo and as we watch our baby boy Conrad fro their last litter grow we can assure you a pup form this litter captures the true essence of the lines.  We also have our first litter from our Hungarian girl Orsi Bred to one of our beautiful males Ryder. With Momma's smarts and Daddy's good looks these pups are hard to pass up. These are our first litters of Vizslas this year so call soon to come out and meet the litters. Check out these litters on our website by clicking here.



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    1. Hi, we are in search of a vizsla puppy. I am Hungarian and grew up with Vizslas and would love to see my children enjoy them too.
      Additionally, we are having some issues with our 5 year old dealing with the stress of loosing his favorite uncle. We are hoping that a puppy will make all the difference to mend his heart.


    2. i am looking for a female vizsla puppy to make my family completedo you have one . or when will one be available.And wha twill the price be

    3. my name is john. im a dog lover. all my dogs thru life have lived to old ages and had wonderful loving lives. my last dog was a visla and she was my forever companion. i was so sad when i had to put her down but i couldn’t keep weight on her any more. we tried everything . im now 65 and semi retired and would like another visla to take everywhere with me . i have the time now to devote to another companion. would prefer not to have a puppy but will if neede be. thanks john l top 507 319 5459

    4. hi my name is angie and I’d REALLY LIKE A DOG! my family have been searching for about 1 year and found the breed vizsla! we are looking for a puppy male light brown smooth please and thank u!

    5. I am looking for a female vizsla puppy. My family amd I have been waiting for the right time to get a puppy and complete our family and we believe it’s finally time. I would really appreciate a reply with any information to help us find what we are looking for. Thanks

    6. Hello, we are looking for a vizsla puppy. We have two very athletic and energetic boys. We are looking to complete our family.
      Thank you.

    7. Hello,
      We are looking for a vizsla puppy. We are an active and energetic family of 4 with a big backyard. Looking to add a vizsla to the fun.

      Is there a someone I can contact?

    8. We have a 2 year old vizsla male (not neutered). It loves to run, swim, play and cuddle. It is house trained. We are looking to sell it for a reasonable price to a loving family. Call 504-275-4597

    9. I have a 7 yr old girl, she’s in the shape of a four or five year old. Beautiful teeth, great diet and excercise. I’m a Disabled Vet, and I’m wanting a replacement Service Dog, trained by Teri. I’ve had her since she was born. I just need a pup that will learn from her, for the unfortunate day that is inevitable… I know more than most.
      Thank you for your time.
      Shane Ransom

    10. We are looking for A Vizsla puppy, male or female.. We have our 3rd Vizsla and she is 13.. Greatest breed ever. She acts maybe 8 but we can tell she is losing some of her spirit. She would be a beautiful teacher for a puppy.
      Thank-you so much.
      Dee Morgan

    11. Hi there, my name is Neville sadly to say I had to put my dog Buddy ( Vizsla ) Down after the vet recommended due to his age 12.5 years ended up with a ruptured spleen and would not survive the opperation , that has been the worst day of my life. He was a companion and went where ever I went , he was my child . It has been a very difficult 7 weeks since I had to put him down. I would appreciate it , if you could advise what the possibility would be of putting my name down for one of your pups, Regards Neville Els

    12. Looking to adopt a Vizsla puppy.
      For the last 25 years I’ve had Vizsla’s in my life, don’t think I can have any other breed. I just love them.
      My family and I live in the Philadelphia area.
      Can anyone help me find a pup?
      Please email me at: [email protected]

    13. We are looking for another viszla. Our first viszla passed away at age 14. Our 2nd viszla is now 3.5. We want to add to our family but have not been able to find a viszla puppy since moving to Idaho. Can you help me find another pup?

    14. Question.
      Senior couple looking for a past puppy stage Vizsla female.
      Affectionate and loves the outdoors.
      We travel south and live on a beach, lots of play time.
      Fenced in hug yard,.
      We just lost our Weimaraner and would like to adopt a Vizsla.
      Any suggestions?

    15. Our beloved vizsla has cancer and I am looking for another vizsla so we won’t be so lonely when we lose Hooch.

      1. Hi, Elizabeth! So sorry to hear about Hooch, such a heartbreaking situation. Our deepest thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family. Please email us at [email protected] for Vizsla puppy information. Again, we’re so sorry. Thanks for reaching out.

    16. My vizsla was recently in a accident and sadly passed away. It’s my moms birthday in a couple months and I wanted to get her a female vizsla to surprise her.

      1. Hi Nick! We’re so sorry to hear about your Vizsla. Although no can can replace him or him, we hope we can match you with a new Vizsla companion. Please email us at [email protected] for puppy inquiry and info. Thanks for reaching out, we look forward to hearing from you!

      1. We are a family owned and operated kennel out of Moorpark, California so all of our pups and parents are here. We do have some shipping/ delivery options you can find them here.

    17. Hi do you have any Vizslas puppies for sale? If so I would be interested. Pics , price , sex of puppies available,patent info?

    18. Hi,
      When I was a senior in high school many years ago, I was met by a Vizla on Prom night at my best friends house. He stood on his hind legs and put one paw on each of my shoulders and lucked my face as I walked in the door. This was was first meeting with Max. My best friend became my b sister in law and her mother gave the Vizla to my mother. Max was in our family a long time. He was by far the best dog I ever knew. Today, while walking with my granddaughter I met a lady walking a Vizla. It brought tears of joy to my died. I am in search of a dog, and a vials is what I want. Do you still breed them? Not many in Ohio have heard of them.

      1. Hi Marjorie! Aww, thank you for sharing this story with us – it was truly touching. Although we will never be able to replace your beloved Vizsla, we hope we are able to pair you with another Vizsla companion who will provide you with a different bond and experience. We believe each dog brings something unique to our lives, each teaching us something different and helping us grow in different ways. And like each dog has its own unique personality, so are the bonds we create with them. That said, please email us at [email protected] to inquire about our available Vizsla puppies! Thank you for writing to us, Marjorie =)

    19. We currently lost our seven year old Vizshla named Mollie due to an intestines tumor we are currently looking for a replacement pup as we can never ever replace Our Mollie Looking after the first of April would you have a female of so let us know thank you

    20. Hello,
      I am looking for a buddy for our 8 year old Morgan. We live on 40 acres in Northern Michigan and owned Vizsla’s for 30 acres.

    21. We are looking for a Vizsla, puppy or older dog. Male or female. Do you have any pups available now? When is your next litter due?

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