Why Golden Retrievers Put Their Paw on You

Why Golden Retrievers Put Their Paw on You

If you've ever innocently sat on your couch or bed and had your dog put their paw on you, you know what true love feels like. But why does your Golden Retriever put their paw on you? There are numerous reasons why your Golden Retriever might put a paw in your face, on your knee or on top of your hand, all of which confirm Golden Retrievers are the best dogs out there. Read on to learn what dog pawing truly means.

Attention Is the Answer

The overarching reason Golden Retrievers paw at people is for attention. When your Golden Retriever puts their paw on you, you can feel confident they want to draw your attention away from what you were doing and direct it to them. But what are the reasons your dog wants your attention? Here are a few possibilities.

They Want to Play

If your dog paws at your face, they may want to interact with you. Whether it's playing with them, talking to them or lying down next to them, your Golden Retriever wants your attention.

They Want Something You Have

Most dogs love to play with toys, whether it's a tennis ball, a stuffed animal or a rope. If you're holding one of their toys, they may paw at you until you give them what they want. They may also know where their toy is but can't access it without your help.

They Want Food

If you're eating something, your Golden Retriever may put their paw on your arm or near your face to show they want what you're eating. These highly food-motivated dogs may also be trying to tell you they're hungry and want some of their own food.

They Want You to Pet Them

Just like humans crave touch and affection, dogs also want to experience your love. If you're busy or working, you may notice your Golden Retriever will paw your arm or leg. This often means they want you to pat them, ruffle their fur or pet them.

They Want to Go on a Walk

Almost every dog loves to go on walks, but they can't without your help. When you start to guess, "Why does my dog put his paw on my face?" it may be because he wants to go on a quick stroll.

They Want to Say Sorry

Unfortunately, dogs can't turn to you and apologize. Instead, they have to use nonverbal communication to tell you they're sorry for something they did. Maybe they growled at you or ripped up something in your home and feel the need to apologize.

They Want a Reward

Conversely, your dog may also paw at you if they want a reward. Maybe they did something good such as sitting when you told them to, playing nice with another dog or performing a trick. Pawing then could mean they want a reward for the good thing they did.

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Why Golden Retrievers Put Their Paw on You