Why Golden Retrievers Are So Loyal

Why Golden Retrievers Are So Loyal

If you've ever owned or interacted with a Golden Retriever, you know they make incredible pets. In addition to being friendly, great with kids and beautiful looking, Golden Retrievers are also incredibly loyal. There's nothing your Golden Retriever wouldn't do for you, and you can expect that loyalty to extend throughout your dog's life. Read on to learn about some of the reasons why Golden Retrievers are so loyal and friendly.

History of the Breed

Part of the reason why Golden Retrievers are so loyal has to do with their history. This breed originated in the Scottish Highlands, where they were bred as hunting dogs. To retrieve birds, Golden Retrievers needed to be extremely smart, loyal to their owner's directions, athletic and eager to please. They were first a cross between a Tweed Water Spaniel and a Yellow-Colored Retriever, but eventually became a mix between other breeds. Golden Retrievers were finally introduced in North America in the early 20th century. At that time, people saw them as both hunting dogs and a companions. Since then, they've been recognized and earned titles with the American Kennel Club (AKC). They've even lived in the White House as companions to former presidents.

They Bond Quickly

Golden Retrievers form an instant bond with their owner. It doesn't matter if the dog lives with you in the home or simply forges a connection with you at work — spending time with a Golden Retriever ensures it will develop a fierce loyalty. Although Golden Retrievers don't have an aggressive bone in their body, you'll see their loyalty come to life when a stranger walks by and they start to bark. Golden Retrievers have even been known to save their owners from dangerous situations.

Are Golden Retrievers Friendly?

When people choose to add a Golden Retriever to their family, they often ask, "Are Golden Retrievers loyal and friendly?" The answer is yes to both! Golden Retrievers are known for being friendly to humans, other dogs and even other pets. They let people close to them quickly and love to play with everyone in their families. Many families looking for a dog choose a Golden Retriever because they are eager to please and have easy-going personalities.

Add a Loyal Golden Retriever to Your Family Today

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Why Golden Retrievers Are So Loyal