Wet vs. Dry Dog Food

Wet vs. Dry Dog Food

Should you feed your dog wet or dry food? Dog owners have been asking this for years, and it's a question we hear often from people adopting Golden Retrievers. Pet owners care deeply for their animals, and they want to give them the best nutrition possible based on the latest scientific evidence. They wonder when dogs should eat wet food or dry food and if one is better than the other. The answer depends on what type of dog you have, how old it is and whether it has any preexisting health conditions. Thus, the answer may be different for different owners. There is no single right or wrong decision for pet owners. You can use our guide to determine if dry food is good for your dogs or if canned food would be the better choice.

Is Canned Dog Food Better Than Dry?

For certain dogs, canned food may be preferable to dry. For instance, if you have an overweight dog, feeding it canned food can help it shed pounds. Dogs will feel more satiated and get full faster with wet food because it has a higher moisture content. What are other instances where canned food should be used instead of dry? You can also try canned food if:
  • Your dog has lost its sense of smell. Canned food has a more robust scent, giving it more flavor. Older dogs often have weaker senses of smell, and they can lose their appetites because of this. A stronger smell from wet food could encourage an older dog to eat more.
  • Your dog has chewing issues. Whether your dog has rotting teeth or misaligned jaws or has had a few teeth removed, they may find chewing dry food a challenge. Wet food is easier to chew and won't hurt the mouth.
  • Your dog needs to hydrate. Canned food has greater water content than dry food, and that will keep your dog better hydrated if you live in a hot climate or your dog doesn't drink much water.

When Is Wet Dog Food Not Better Than Dry?

There are other times when dry food may be preferable, such as:
  • If you need to leave food for your dog to eat later. Dry food will stay good longer, and your dog can eat whenever it becomes hungry.
  • If your dog has bad teeth. You can find specially formulated dry food that will remove plaque and tartar from teeth.
  • If you have budgetary constraints. Canned food is more expensive, and supplementing canned with dry food may be a more economical solution.
  Many dog owners go with a mix of canned and dry food. Your dog may enjoy the variety.

Should You Feed Your Dog Wet or Dry Food?

You can decide if dry or canned food is best based on your dog's individual circumstances. Are you still looking for the right beloved pet to bring home? We have amazing Golden Retrievers ready to join your family. Contact us today to learn more.

Wet vs. Dry Dog Food