Vizsla Puppies For Sale – New Arrivals

These are our most Recent Vizsla puppies born. All of our Vizsla puppies prior to being sent home have received all of their age appropriate shots, been de-wormed at least 3 times, and received socialization from day one. We believe it is important that the pups be handled often.

Starting cost for our untrained Vizslas is $3,500.
We accept all MAJOR CREDIT CARDS* (VISA, MASTERCard, American Express), Personal Checks, Cash and NOW ACCEPTING ZELLE! *There is a 3% fee for Credit Card charges.

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You can get on the Master Waiting list for one of our Vizslas with a 20% deposit. We have been breeding Vizlsas for over 9  years now. Like our Golden Retrievers, our Vizsla puppies are bred for temperament, health & conformation. Our Vizsla puppies for sale, come with up to 3 year health guarantee against genetic hip, heart & eye defects as  long as you continue the high quality food and the vitamin we are currently feeding the pup. We do show our adults in AKC & IABCA conformation. Most of the adults in our Vizsla breeding program are either champions or they are bred to a champion. Training is available for any puppy that you get from us.

I am constantly amazed by the personality that the Vizsla puppies display. They are so full of life & just seem to enjoy every minute of the day. We try to remember that they aren’t human & attribute human emotions to them. However it is difficult sometimes to remember that, when they look at you with a quizzical or a look of complete adoration. Like the Golden Retrievers the Vizslas are a wonderful all around family dog & constant companion.