Birthdate: October 30, 2022
Available: September 23, 2023

Training: Trained
Stage: Young Adult
Gender: Male





The king of Toys, Winchester is a stunning fetcher who loves to collect piles of toys. He tries to carry as many as possible and then he wants to roll all over them. Winchester is a large and beefy traditional Golden Boy. Shouldn’t be more than 80lbs. He can be slow to warm up to strangers and while he enjoys pets doesn’t always come off as the go to friendly guy. (he has resting B** face). He’s actually more submissive than you’d expect the way he chases after toys but this big softy will love anyone who will spend a few moments throwing stuffed toys around for him. He’s pretty gentle and great on his commands and car rides. Because he is protective of his Toys we don’t suggest him going home to another dog. Better if it’s just him. Not a problem out on leash but he’s not gonna want to share when he gets home. Has been wonderful for our groomers. The classic Golden Retriever a true beauty to show off and spoil.