Male vs Female Vizslas

Male vs Female Vizslas

If you are looking for a loving, loyal companion full of energy and impressive athleticism, you will love the vizsla breed. They are hunting dogs with silky, elongated ears and bond immediately with their owners. Vizslas also like to accompany you everywhere you go. When you're considering getting a vizsla, you may want to know the differences between a male vs. female dog. Both sexes share many traits, but one may fit better with your family or excel at certain activities. We can help you determine what vizsla is perfect for your home.

Differences Between Male vs. Female Vizslas

Male and female vizslas have more similarities than differences, but the characteristics that separate them are significant. For instance, if you have children and want a dog that's good with kids, a female vizsla is a better pick. They can be gentle, and you can train them more quickly than males, so you will feel at ease with the puppy around your young ones more quickly. Females like getting attention but don't demand it as much as males. However, if you are going to be around strangers, females can be suspicious of people they don't know. Male vizslas love to play and want to please you during every interaction. They like people but aren't as gentle with kids as females. Other differences between vizsla males vs. females include:
  • Height. Males grow up to 24 inches tall, while females can be up to 22 inches tall.
  • Weight. Again, males are slightly larger than females, weighing up to 60 pounds vs. 55 pounds for females.
  • Build. Females have less muscle mass than males.
Of course, both are gorgeous dogs and share a common life span of 10 to 14 years.

Which Is Best for Hunting?

Vizslas were bred to hunt and make excellent companions. They love to run, point and retrieve. But which is better for hunting, a vizsla male or female? You may have slightly better luck with a male because he's so eager to please. The quality can also make training more manageable than with a female. Training encourages discipline, which helps in hunting where dogs need to demonstrate patience and listen. Males tend to be more stubborn, though, which can be more of a problem during a hunting expedition. They can also get distracted easily during everyday play but tend to focus better while performing a task. No matter which sex you choose as a hunting companion, you will be well-served. Both male and female vizslas have great instincts for tracking and boundless enthusiasm to stay out all day, even during cold or hot conditions.

Bring Home a Vizsla Today

Whether you want to bring home a female or male vizsla, you can find the puppy you want from Golden Meadows Retrievers. Recognized as an American Kennel Club (AKC) Breeder of Merit, we train our own puppies, so they are ready to join your home. Contact us today to discuss adding a vizsla to your family.

Male vs Female Vizslas