How to Keep a Vizsla Busy

How to Keep a Vizsla Busy

Your beautiful Vizsla is a hunting machine. Bred to seek fallen game, your dog is one of the most boisterous and fun-loving breeds out there. Still, you don't have to be a hunter to own a Vizsla. These dogs dedicate themselves to their owner. As long as you keep them busy physically and mentally, you can expect years of joy with your dog.

Vizsla Exercise Ideas to Keep Your Pup Moving

If you aren't a hunter or the hunting season is over, your dog may not know how to use its energy. This lack of structured activities can lead to a sluggish or sad disposition. Some Vizslas may resort to destroying household items, from shoes and hats to furniture and baseboards. Either behavior is a sign that your Vizsla needs physical and mental entertainment. We have four tips for how to keep a Vizsla entertained, so your dog will be in good spirits throughout the day.

1. Hide and Seek

This classic game is an exciting way to engage your Vizsla! Place your dog in their crate, or have someone hold them. While they pay attention to your dog, hide a few treats and toys around your home. Stick to one level of the house, and try to make scent tracks with the treats. After you've hidden them, you can let your Vizsla "hunt" them down. This activity is also a fun game for people. If you have kids or a significant other, have them hide and let your Vizsla seek them out.

2. Daily Walks

Vizslas love walks. On a walk, your dog can engage its nose, whether you live by forests or neighboring homes. The smells and scents will keep your dog occupied, and the walk will help them manage their energy.  If you have a park or a field nearby, you could take a ball or frisbee. Your dog can run and play to their heart's delight, and you can get some fresh air.

3. Road Trips

You are the center of your Vizsla's life. These dogs love their owners and prefer to be around them as much as possible. If your Vizsla is lying around the house and moping, they may feel alone.  Lift their spirits by including them in your day. You can take them on more trips to stores and food pickups. These adventures are simple trips, but they make your dog feel loved, and your dog enjoys the change of scenery alongside you.

4. Companionship

You love your dog, but you may also have a demanding job that calls you away for long hours. Your Vizsla still needs to use its energy and interact with someone. If you can't get out of work early or work from home, consider getting your dog a friend. Vizslas respond well to other animals.  One splendid companion for Vizslas is a cat. A cat won't threaten your dog's territory like another dog could, leaving your Vizsla open-minded towards their new housemate. A kitten is also more likely to befriend your dog than an adult cat.

Golden Meadows Retrievers Can Help You Find the Perfect Vizsla

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How to Keep a Vizsla Busy