How Often Should You Bathe Your Golden Retriever Puppy

How Often Should You Bathe Your Golden Retriever Puppy

One of the most frequent questions you'll ask as a dog owner is how often you should bathe your pet. Every week? Once a month? How often is too often? The truth is, there is no perfect answer, and the frequency with which you need to bathe your golden retriever is based on several factors. When it comes to bathing, it's crucial not to overdo it or neglect the chore unduly. Read on to discover what our trainers at Golden Meadows Retrievers recommend. 

Do Golden Retrievers Need to Be Bathed?

Golden retrievers do require regular bathing. In fact, this breed can be bathed as frequently as once every other week, though you should not maintain this schedule for long periods. These dogs need time to produce natural oils to promote hair growth and health. Too much bathing can strip these oils, leading to dryness and irritation and affecting the coat's ability to repel water and resist dirt. If you'll be bathing your golden often, be sure to use a mild, gentle shampoo. In general, we advise bathing your golden retriever once every six to eight weeks. An appropriate, regular bathing schedule can keep infection, matting and dandruff at bay and keep your golden retriever's mane shiny and fluffy. Several environmental and lifestyle factors will impact how often you bathe your golden retriever, including:
  • The time your golden retriever spends outside
  • The outdoor environment your dog enjoys 
  • How often your pet swims and where 
  • The nature and severity of any local parasites
  Depending on whether your golden is frequently swimming in algae-laden ponds or running in muddy areas, or if you know of a parasite problem where your pet plays, you may want to clean him more often. We recommend bathing your golden retriever once a month if this is the case, or on the occasions you notice your furry friend is extra dirty from an outdoor romp.  However, feel free to make a schedule adjustment in the case of something unexpected. If you see — or smell — that your pet has rolled around on something dead, plowed through a mud puddle or been in contact with another dog known to have parasite issues, we advise an immediate, thorough bath.

How Do You Bathe a Golden Retriever? 

To bathe your golden properly, try:
  • Using lukewarm water
  • Lathering him up with dog shampoo
  • Rinsing thoroughly
  • Drying and brushing his fur 
  For a more detailed run-down of how to bathe and groom your golden retriever, check out our ultimate guide to grooming your golden.

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How Often Should You Bathe Your Golden Retriever Puppy