How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

Your favorite shoes got eaten up again or you’re thinking of getting a fun dog as a companion and you’re crunching some numbers first. In either case, training costs are something you may be wondering about, and we want to help.

In reality, dog training prices can vary widely depending on the dog, the type of classes, the training your dog needs, your location, the trainer and a number of other factors. While costs can range from very little to thousands of dollars, average prices are $30–$50 per group class and of $45–$120 for an hourly private lesson. Average package deals are $200–$600 for about six classes.

Obedience training schools cost more, with a 2019 average dog training cost of $500–$1,250 weekly. Of course, how many weeks you need will depend largely on you and your dog.

How Much Is Dog Training Costing You?

When you’re considering the cost of dog training, what you really should be asking is the cost of not training your dog. An untrained or poorly trained dog can cause tens of thousands of dollars at home very quickly. Worse, poor training can affect the quality of time you spend with your companion and can even be dangerous for you and the dog. In some cases, incorrect training can even increase your liability risk. You don’t want your dog to bite someone or run in front of a car, after all.

Proper training is a safety and quality of life issue. It pays to invest in quality and to do your research before going to an obedience school or training school of any kind. How happy are other clients with the training? What certifications does the trainer have? What services and support do they offer?

Invest in dog training as early as possible. Doing so will help prevent frustration and costly damage at home, but it can make the training process easier. Dog classes before your dog has picked up bad habits will be much easier on your companion, on you and on your wallet.

Dog Training Solutions

One way to reduce the time and effort spent training your dog is to get them from a breeder who does some of the training. Golden Meadows Retrievers has training services available — by the time you get your puppy, they'll have mastered the basics.

Golden Meadows Retrievers is an AKC Breeder of Merit, and we offer crate training for all puppies as well as optional training services. One option is full training, which includes obedience lessons, socialization, an understanding of wrong, leash skills, crate training, potty training, hand signal commands and fetch skills. You can also opt for partly trained dogs, which have learned the basics but will require additional training.

We start training puppies at four weeks, so they're trained more fully and much earlier than many people expect. We rely on more than 25 years of experience, ENS (early neurological stimulation) training, Von Falconer’s and the Rule of 7 to bring you a quality furry friend who is ready to work with you. Our puppies are also guaranteed for up to three years against genetic defects. Contact us now to learn more.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?