How Much Does a Vizsla Cost?

How Much Does a Vizsla Cost?

Every breed is going to come with a price based on its type, lineage and capabilities. How much is a Vizsla dog? The cost of your puppy will depend on several factors, including the reputation and quality of your breeder. If you're looking for a puppy, you can't go wrong with a Vizsla. These dogs are devoted, energetic and fun-loving. Before you start your life with an exciting addition to the family, you need to do some research.  The Vizsla comes with a long history of hunting and loyalty that makes them fantastic dogs. You may have to invest some money into buying one, but the price is worth the years of happiness you'll receive.

How Much Are Vizsla Puppies?

On average, you can buy a purebred Vizsla for $1,000 to $3,300. Differences between breeders make puppies available at a vast range of prices. A Vizsla breeder is the official caregiver of the parents and the newborn puppies. The price of the puppies depends on the quality of love, care and attention the breeder provides. Highly invested and full-time breeders charge more for their puppies because they offer quality care.

What Factors Influence the Price of a Vizsla?

The breeder provides more than love and attention for newborn puppies. A breeder can do several things to prep a puppy for life with a new family, and these factors raise the price. Such factors include:
  • Medical care: Most Vizsla puppies undergo procedures like declawing and tail docking. These practices are beneficial for active puppies trained for hunting. Unless otherwise directed by the soon-to-be owner, the Vizsla dog price will account for one or both medical operations.
  • Socialization: Dogs need socialization to get along with other animals. Some breeders have healthy animals for the puppies to socialize with. Those resources will affect the price because your dog learns to get along with others. This ability to be around other animals is an essential trait if you have other pets.
  • Parental status: Some breeders have purebred Vizslas, and other breeders have award-winning dogs. A litter of puppies from a purebred foreign champion will drastically influence the Vizsla puppy price. If a puppy's cost seems high, contact the breeder and ask about the dog's bloodline.
  • Vaccinations: Every puppy needs a veterinarian's careful eye and essential medicines to prevent them from sickness and infection. With proper vaccinations as a puppy, your Vizsla can live a long and healthy life. Exams and vaccinations increase your puppy's initial cost.
  • Kennel Club papers: Prestigious dog clubs are hard to join. Suppose a breeder has official recognition from or membership in a club like the American Kennel Club (AKC). Their status indicates that you will have a strong, reliable Vizsla by your side for years to come. As a result, having AKC papers will also impact the price.

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How Much Does a Vizsla Cost?