How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost?

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost?

How much is that doggie in the window? Being a responsible owner means evaluating your golden retriever costs and determining whether you’re ready to make the time, financial and emotional commitment needed.

What Influences How Much Golden Retrievers Cost?

Even after you pay for your dog to get home, you need to consider the ongoing expenses to keep your new furry friend healthy and happy. Your golden retriever maintenance cost will include:

  • Health care: You can pay vets per visit or pay for pet health insurance. The good news is that goldens are generally a healthy breed and buying from a reputable breeder can reduce the risk of genetic defects that lead to health concerns. For a healthy dog, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars per year for the vet. For serous illnesses, however, treatment may cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Grooming: Golden Retrievers have a gorgeous coat, but they do shed all year long. They will need a bath every other week or once a month and thorough brushing weekly or even daily in the spring and fall. You can spend hundreds of dollars on professional grooming or you can do it yourself. If you groom your dog yourself, though, you’ll still need to invest in shampoos, brushes and any other accessories you need.
  • Food: Goldens love their food, and a high-quality diet high in fiber and nutrients helps keep your friend healthy. Since golden retrievers can eat anywhere from about two cups to over four cups of food per day, you can expect to spend $55 or more on food a month. Your vet may recommend a special diet, which can cost more. Of course, your dog won’t let you forget treats. Those can cost $10 or more a month.
  • Classes: Proper training helps you communicate with your dog and keeps you both safer. Training can cost an average of $30-$50 for a group class, an average of $500-$1,250 weekly for obedience classes or more for intensive, private training with a skilled professional. One advantage is that golden retrievers are very trainable, so you may end up spending less than people with other breeds.
  • Accessories: Tags, collars, beds, food and water bowls, blankets, kennels and those fun toys you couldn’t pass up all cost money. The basics will not cost much. You can likely buy the very basics for less than $50, but most dog owners love to spoil their furry friends with extras.
  • Care and incidentals: There are always some “extras” to consider with dogs. If you go on vacation or have a busy week at work, you may need to pay for dog walking or boarding services. Your municipality may require registration or a dog license. Include some extra wiggle room in your cost evaluations.

What Does a Golden Retriever Cost?

The initial golden retriever price varies widely on the reputation of the breeder, where you are getting your puppy and other factors. The initial cost, though, is only a small part of the picture.

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How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost?