Why Golden Retrievers Make the Best Teachers, Companions for Kids

Why Golden Retrievers Make the Best Teachers, Companions for Kids

  If you are thinking of getting a pet for your child or children, the wide variety of different types of animals and breeds can be overwhelming. Many experts recommend Golden Retrievers as an ideal pet for children for their loyalty and gentleness. If you're looking for a pet, consider these top reasons why a Golden Retriever may be best for your family and home.

Golden Retrievers Are Good with Children

Some breeds of dogs are more aggressive and can't handle the unpredictable and excitable nature of children. Golden Retrievers, however, are known for being gentle, unaggressive, obedient, intelligent and having a strong desire to please their owner. Because of this, they are good with children. They have the patience and intelligence to wait for a child to calm down but are still energetic enough to enjoy playing ball with on a sunny afternoon. Children will also enjoy teaching them to do tricks and listen to commands, an area that an intelligent Golden Retriever thrives in doing.

They Provide Companionship

Childhood can be a lonely time. Many children go through phases where they have lots of friends and times when making friends can be difficult. Golden Retrievers provide consistent companionship for your child that isn't changed based on cliques or your child's interests. Changing schools, moving and having friends move away can be difficult times during childhood. Having a pet can provide your child a friend during these hard times and help give them the confidence to make new friends.

They Offer Opportunities for Exercise

With so many children turning to electronics for entertainment, spending time outdoors and getting exercise is an important part of childhood that many kids miss out on doing. Golden Retrievers are energetic and make the perfect companion for a walk, a game of Frisbee or running around with in a backyard.

They Teach Children Responsibility

As children learn to water, feed, walk and clean up after their Golden Retriever, they learn valuable skills that they can use throughout their life. Balancing their time and caring for an animal teaches children to be responsible and how to be empathetic. Selecting the right pet for your family depends on the temperament of your children, the size of your home and what you are looking for in a pet. Golden Retrievers provide many benefits for children and can help them navigate through the difficult years of childhood.  

Why Golden Retrievers Make the Best Teachers, Companions for Kids