Golden Retriever Shedding

Golden Retriever Shedding

Golden Retrievers have lush, gorgeous coats. Somehow though, the fur always looks less glamorous and attractive when it’s all over your pants. And your shirt. And your sofa. And your carpets. Let's work on a fix.

What Months Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

The good news is that Golden Retrievers shed only during specific seasons of the year. The bad news is that they shed in the spring, summer, fall and winter.

This breed sheds all year long. You can expect more shedding during fall and spring and only moderate shedding the rest of the year, but there will never be a month when you can leave you vacuum and lint roller in the closet. Fortunately, your dog’s sweet temperament, intelligence and fun-loving nature will make up for it.

Does Shaving a Golden Retriever Help With Shedding?

If the shedding is so bad that it’s making you dream of shears and clippers, stop. Shaving will not stop a Golden’s shedding and can in fact be dangerous for the dog. The double coat of this breed protects them from UV rays, dog bites, cold and overheating. When you strip that coat, you can damage the fur, cause stress for your dog and damage and irritate the skin below. Shaving is ineffective too — as soon as the fur starts growing back in, it will shed.

Shaving may be out, but you can still make Golden Retriever shedding season a little more bearable with:

  • Proper grooming: Brush your dog at least three times a week — daily if possible. Give them a gentle bath with natural, mild dog shampoo either once a month or no more than every other week. Drying out the skin can make shedding worse, so be sure to go gentle.
  • A calm environment: The more stressed your dog is, the more they'll shed.
  • Good food: A healthy diet, with quality, vet-approved food in the right doses, will help prevent excessive shedding, as can a diet with adequate Omega-3s and protein. Good food helps with the overall health of the coat, which can stop excess shedding.

Whatever you do, don’t give your dog pills, sprays or any treatments that promise to reduce or stop shedding. These products just don’t work, and they can be dangerous for the health of your pet. At the very least, take the products to the vet for approval first so that you can learn about possible dangers.

Do Golden Retrievers Ever Stop Shedding?

Ask during fall and spring, and any Golden Retriever owner will probably give you an emphatic no. Sadly, it’s the truth. Healthy Golden Retrievers shed all year long, though you'll see slightly less fur in the summer and winter.

Your Golden loves you for you. Don't they deserve the same? Yes, Golden Retrievers shed a lot, but in exchange for a little extra grooming and care, you get a faithful companion that most people would envy you for. A few extra vacuuming sessions a week is probably good for your carpets anyway. Contact Golden Meadows Retrievers now to start the process of bringing your new best friend home.

Golden Retriever Shedding