Why a Golden Retriever Might Be the Right Dog for You

Why a Golden Retriever Might Be the Right Dog for You

Big dogs, little dogs, active dogs, couch potatoes, long hairs, short hairs...no matter what kind of dog is your favorite, there’s an undeniably adorable companion out there for just about everyone. But which is best for your family? There’s really no simple and easy answer. Ultimately, you want a dog that will fit with your lifestyle, your family, and your personality, but every dog is unique – and that means it can be hard to find the right one. Unless, of course, you pick one of America’s most timeless and treasured breeds, the Golden Retriever. From rock solid loyalty to smarts, this is a dog who’s right for almost anyone (with a few special quirks). Want to know more? Settle in and get to know this glorious ball of fluff and love with us; you’ll fall in love, too.

Best Buds (With Everyone)

Goldens are friendly almost to a fault; they love you, the rest of their family, the neighbors, the neighbor’s dogs, the mailman, and just about anyone else they meet along the way. That means plenty of opportunities for socialization with friends, neighbors, or even just the other dogs at the local park. They’re nearly always happy to have a hangout and greet every new person with excitement!

Golden Retrievers Are Faithful and Loyal

This kind of falls in line with the whole best friend thing, but Goldens are also fiercely loyal and completely faithful – especially to the people they live with. It isn’t unusual for a Golden to bond so closely with their people, they even recognize them after months or years of being apart. That’s where all of those joyful “soldier coming home to Golden Retriever” videos come from! If you decide to adopt a Golden, you can be sure your dog will love you every bit as much as you love her. Your new dog’s love will go far beyond simply knowing her name and cuddling every so often; she’ll always be happy to see you.


Golden Retrievers are incredibly smart. Like, next-level smart – so much so that they rank number three on most “top intelligent dogs” lists from dog experts around the world. They have an incredible ability to interpret the world around them and learn from it, often picking up cues from the people around them, too. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if your Golden suddenly brings you his leash (or even your slippers) one day out of the blue.

Easy to Train

The Golden Retriever’s high intelligence quotient makes them fast learners who are extremely receptive to training. While it is still important to start early and use the right positivity-focused training strategies, they often require much less time and effort to train than other pups. From sitting to teaching your dog how to go potty outside, this translates into an easier first few months with your new puppy. It also means you’ll find it easier to break bad behaviors later on, should they arise. But what about old dogs? When it comes to Golden Retrievers, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” just doesn’t hold true. They’re just as smart and just as receptive to learning new things, if a little stubborn when they aren’t in the mood.

Retrievers Are Known to Be Great with Kids

The Golden has a good nature and a lot of patience, making them winning choice for families with children. There’s nothing they love more than cuddling with a small human, playing outside for hours, or even tolerating a bow tie while kids play make-believe with them. In fact, that’s exactly why they have such a good reputation for being the “all-American family pet.” That said, there is one catch you need to be aware of. While it isn’t always a problem to adopt a Golden with a baby or toddler in the house, they can be excitable. In their most playful moods, they often develop a condition we fondly call the “zoomies,” zipping back and forth and jumping. It’s really nothing you can’t fix with a little bit of focused training, but there is a small risk of your pup accidentally bowling over the littlest humans in his joy. For this reason, it’s often better to adopt after kids grow up a little – around age five or six is fine.

Great Swimmers

Spend a lot of time at the beach or local lake in summer? Love all things sailing? A Golden Retriever will happily enjoy every second on or in the water with you because they adore swimming. Better still, they’re also really strong swimmers when they’re trained well and in good health, which lowers the risk of accidents when they do go for a splash. Wherever you go for a dip, your Golden will be right there with you.

Ideal for Special Needs

Ever notice that a not-insignificant number of guide dogs are of the Golden Retriever variety? There’s a good reason for that. They’re tolerant, patient, intelligent, train easily, and pick up on cues from their immediate environment very well, which makes them well-suited as working dogs. As guide dogs, they become just as much a medical tool as a treasured family pet. As pets, well-trained Goldens also hold out well among people with special needs. They’re patient enough to deal with sudden actions, noises, and things like meltdowns without becoming reactionary (provided they’re trained correctly at a young enough age). Some families choose to adopt a Golden already trained to help with specific needs right from the breeder, while others adopt a Golden and self-train at home. There’s really nothing wrong with either path; it just depends on the amount of time you have available to train your dog. Whether you opt for a pet or a working dog to help in your home, you can be sure they’ll make a great addition and provide you with hours of comfort. Picture this: long, lazy summer evenings sitting in a cozy chair in the backyard, your loyal Golden by your side. Or maybe long, cozy winter nights inside by the fire while you and your pup snuggle as you read a book. However you see life with a Golden Retriever – highly active or just hangouts – that ball of light yellow fluff will wriggle their way right into your heart from day one. What’s not to love?

Perfect Fetchers

Golden Retrievers were developed in England and Scotland to be hunters or to retrieve shot ducks from the water. This means they love a good game of fetch! They naturally want to bring you things, so you can use that to your advantage in your backyard or neighborhood parks.

Golden Personalities

When you look into the eyes of a Retriever, the dog’s kind expression says it all. Your dog will be a great family dog that is cheerful and trustworthy. Your dog will also be friendly with everyone; including kids, other dogs, cats and strangers you meet on the street.

Good Exercise Partners

Your Golden Retriever will love exercise and you should take it on at least two walks every day. They also love to play fetch and run. Since your dog will want exercise, you’ll have no choice but to join them. You may get the bonus of losing some weight in the process!

Canine Companions to Kids

Since your Golden will be so friendly, he will be loved by your kids right away. And he will love them right back. If you want your kids to learn about responsibility, this is a great type of dog to get for your family. They are laidback but will teach kids about love, respect and being welcoming and kind to other.

Great Swimmers

Since Golden Retrievers love exercise, they will happily join you in the lake or pool. They have strong bodies and a ton of enthusiasm, so they make excellent swimming partners. Of course, you will always want to make sure that they (and you) are safe.

Is a Golden Retriever the Right Breed for You?

When choosing a canine companion for yourself or your family, it is important to think about what you are really wanting out of a pet. Each dog breed offers a variety of characteristics, such as differing energy levels and grooming needs. Will you have the time and money to properly care for a dog? Certified breeders will expect new owners to be able to provide high-quality food and care. Without following their care instructions, this will void any kind of guarantee that comes with the animal. One of the most popular breeds among families and individuals alike is the Golden Retriever. According the American Kennel Club, this breed is the third most popular type of dog. This statistic is an obvious fact, as Golden Retrievers are known for their high levels of intelligence and compassion. Originally meant to be a hunter's companion, this breed is not clumsy and is always alert to its surroundings. This means a Golden Retriever would make a perfect family dog. Devoted to its master, the dog will shower each family member with love, regardless of age. Golden Retrievers are known for their pleasant disposition, which makes them great family pets. They are easily crate-trained and need medium amounts of exercise. When it comes to appearance, the breed does not vary too much. Coats can range from light golden to cream. Golden Retrievers' weights are also pretty standard. Females can weigh anywhere between 55-70 pounds, while males can weigh between 65-75. With a lifespan of about 12 years, this breed will provide your family with plenty of love, devotion and security. Experts do insist on the importance of early training with Golden Retrievers. The breed is prone to chewing and "enthusiastic puppy-like behavior", unless the dog is trained early in its puppy years. This breed also requires a bit of grooming to keep its golden coat in shiny and healthy condition. Despite these few drawbacks, Golden Retrievers can offer a potential dog owner many benefits. To learn more about this breed, contact a reputable breeder.

Why a Golden Retriever Might Be the Right Dog for You