English Cream Golden Retriever Facts

English Cream Golden Retriever Facts

If you're considering adding a dog to your family, you might decide on a Golden Retriever. The breed makes for perfect family dogs with their gentle and playful temperament. Golden Retrievers are incredibly versatile — they're great sporting dogs, show dogs and service dogs. Whether you're looking for a dog to earn "best in show," a dog who will play fetch with your kids or a mobility assistance dog, a Golden Retriever is an excellent choice. Once you've settled on a Golden Retriever, you'll have to decide which variation you prefer. Though all the same breed, the breed's variations have different merits. They have varying coat colors and slight differences in body shape. Somewhat rarer than other variations, the English Cream Golden Retriever is a beautiful choice. In this article, you'll find all the English Cream Golden Retriever information you need.

What Is an English Golden Retriever?

English Cream Golden Retrievers are a style of the breed from Scotland, not England. They're a mix of the yellow wavy-coated retriever and the Tweed water spaniel, named for Lord Tweedmouth. The Scottish lord bred the first Golden Retrievers in the mid-1800s, so he'd have his own exceptional hunting dogs. Modern Golden Retrievers are his dogs' descendants. This breed variation got the title "English" because they were champions in England's first prestigious dog shows. Today, Golden Retrievers, including English Golden Retrievers, are bred all over the world. Different styles of Golden Retrievers are all still members of the same breed. Each might have slight differences in looks, personality, temperament and other factors, but they're all Golden Retrievers! It's important to note that English Golden Retrievers tend to be healthier than other variations. They seem to have decreased odds of developing cancer and live slightly longer than their cousins. Of course, responsible breeding and maintaining a dog's well-being are important for ensuring the health of any breed.

What Does an English Golden Retriever Look Like?

Though sometimes called "Cream" Golden Retrievers, they can be a variety of colors. They tend to fall on the lighter side of the Golden Retriever color spectrum, either cream or light gold, but not always. Some turn out a darker golden. Within the same litter, you might find English Golden Retrievers of different shades. By Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) standards, white or platinum coats are not breed-acceptable. Beyond coloration, they have a few minor differences in appearance. They tend to have blockier heads, stockier bodies and wider muzzles. Other Golden Retriever varieties tend to have slimmer bodies, narrower muzzles and darker coats. Males can be 23 to 24 inches tall, while females can be 21.5 to 22.5 inches tall. The GRCA will disqualify dogs if they're too tall or too short by more than 1 inch. English Cream Golden Retrievers can fit anywhere in this height range, but European variations are generally shorter than American and Canadian variations.

What Is an English Cream Golden Retriever's Size?

According to the GRCA, a Golden Retriever must weigh 65 to 75 pounds for males and 55 to 65 pounds for females. English Cream Golden Retriever weight can fall anywhere in this acceptable range. Because they tend to be stocky, they may weigh a bit more than their cousins. All members of the breed are mid-size dogs — bigger than lap dogs but not too big to be scooped up when necessary. As hunting dogs, they have powerful, muscular and well-balanced bodies.

Do English Golden Retrievers Shed?

The short answer is yes — all Golden Retrievers are long-hair dogs and will shed. They tend to shed most in the spring and fall, as temperatures change. Good grooming practices can help keep your house a little less furry. It's a good idea to brush your Golden Retriever often, at least three times a week. Bathe them about once a month, as well — bathing too often can dry out a dog's skin, so be sparing with bath time. You can also minimize shedding in less direct ways. Feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet will help prevent excess shedding. You'll also want to provide a calm, positive environment, as stress can result in over-shedding. Golden Retrievers are such excellent family dogs that some shedding here and there is not a dealbreaker for many dog owners. english cream golden retriever temperament

How Is an English Cream Golden Retriever's Personality?

Any Golden Retriever variation is a great family dog. Dog owners know the breed for their loyalty, intelligence, playfulness and affection. They make excellent, gentle playmates for young children. They're easy to train and are great show dogs and hunting dogs. Golden Retrievers earned the name "retriever" because of their trainability and soft-grip mouth — they're great at retrieving game for hunters. They also do well as service dogs. Service dogs have to fit several qualifications. They have to be sociable yet calm, attentive, eager to learn and loyal. Golden Retrievers fit all of these standards. Because of their temperament, intelligence and mid-size, they make great guide dogs, mobility assistance dogs and emotional support dogs. Keep in mind that a dog's temperament has more to do with reputable breeding practices and thoughtful upbringing than the dog's breed. Though Golden Retrievers are predisposed to be loving, loyal and fast learners, dogs need proper training and socialization, especially in their early life stages. If you're looking for a new addition to your family, choose a renowned breeder with a proven puppy training program, like Golden Meadows Retrievers.

How Much Do English Cream Golden Retrievers Cost?

Purebred Golden Retrievers can be expensive, especially those from reputable breeders who can support superior genetic claims. From the best breeders, the dogs will cost a couple thousand dollars, on average. English Golden Retrievers tend to cost more than other variations, as they're a bit rarer. Many dog owners feel spending a little extra upfront for a dog from a responsible breeder is well worth it. When you buy from a trustworthy breeder, you face less risk of behavioral and medical issues down the line. If your breeder engages in puppy training, you'll have a companion who knows the basics and is ready to learn from you. man and woman petting englsih cream golden retriever

Reserve an English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

If you're ready to add a dog to your family, an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy is an ideal choice. They make for loyal, loving, intelligent, beautiful dogs. Their stunning cream color gives them the air of rarity and elegance. They're eager to play, socialize and learn. If you'd like to buy a puppy, consider Golden Meadows Retrievers. Here at Golden Meadows Retrievers, we have over 25 years of breeding experience. We health-test parents and can guarantee no genetic defects up to three years. We make sure every puppy is ready to join a forever home — we perform health-screening, socializing and early training. We also make sure to match the right puppy to each family, accounting for personality and other factors. To begin the puppy reservation process, fill out our puppy information request form today!

English Cream Golden Retriever Facts