Do Golden Retrievers Love Music?

Do Golden Retrievers Love Music?

Dogs get joy from so many things. We love watching our Golden Retrievers react to different sounds and activities around them, and it always surprises us just how similar to humans they are. They show an impressive range of likes and dislikes. Have you ever noticed a dog perk up when you begin playing music? It's not your imagination. Studies have found that dogs respond to music and enjoy listening to it. Research has even suggested that dogs can identify different kinds of music and may have a preference for certain types of sound. Among the many things Golden Retrievers love, you can include music. You can find videos of Golden Retrievers barking joyfully along to music or running around when someone plays the guitar. You can even try it out for yourself. Put on some music and see what your dog does. Try different styles to see which one your dog responds to most. When you discover a favorite type, you can remember it for the future and give your dog added joy by playing it.

What Music Do Golden Retrievers Like?

Do dogs like fast-paced or classic music best? Golden Retrievers appear to enjoy all music genres. Their behavior changes based on what is playing. With faster-paced music, they may seem more agitated or playful. With slower-paced songs, they appear to wind down. Sometimes dogs will try to move to the beat of the music. They may even try to "sing" along, though most Golden Retrievers do not have perfect pitch, sorry to say. Still, you will enjoy watching them have fun, no matter how they react to the music. Not every Golden Retriever reacts to music, but even those that don't jump for joy or otherwise mark the beat won't mind music. You can turn on some songs without worrying they will bother your dog. And if they like it, you may even use it to your advantage.

When Should I Play Music for My Golden Retriever?

Dogs enjoy listening to music anytime, but you may want to reserve certain songs for specific times. You can match the kind of music to the activity:
  • Sleep time: When you want your dog to wind down after a long day, classical music can soothe and quiet your Golden Retriever.
  • Activity: Heavy metal music with its strong beats can get your Golden Retriever excited and ready to play.
  • Relaxation: The mellow melodies of a guitar can calm your Golden Retriever following activity, though not enough to fall asleep.

Play Some Tunes for Your Furry Friend

Do Golden Retrievers like music? We can safely say the answer is yes. If you plan to adopt a new Golden Retriever, music may help your dog feel more comfortable in their new home. Putting your pet at ease will help you both adjust to the new situation in those crucial first few weeks. Looking for the perfect Golden Retriever to add to your family? Contact us today to learn about our wonderful dogs, including the ones who adore music.

Do Golden Retrievers Love Music?