Do Golden Retrievers Like to Cuddle?

Do Golden Retrievers Like to Cuddle?

With their famous happy-go-lucky attitude, it's no surprise that cuddling is one of a Golden Retriever's favorite pastimes. Anyone who's owned or spent a lot of time around this beautiful breed will tell you that these dogs truly are "man's best friend," with an unparalleled intuition that seems to let them know exactly when their loved ones need comfort — and they'll be happy to oblige! As natural people-pleasers, Golden Retrievers are happy wherever you are, whether that means joining you on a morning run or spending the day in bed. Golden Retrievers are so friendly they've been known to cuddle with their fellow furry friends, such as another dog, a cat or even a guinea pig.

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Cuddly?

So what makes a Golden Retriever more likely to join you for a nap than other breeds? Part of the answer may lie in their genetics. As humans domesticated dogs over the years, they bred certain dogs with specific characteristics. Golden Retrievers were bred to be good hunters and excellent companions that stayed loyal to their owners. Other reasons they may be predisposed to cuddle include:
  • Love: As one of the most loyal breeds you'll find, a Golden Retriever will stay by their family whenever they can. They love being around their people, and they love doing anything that will make their people happy. If they see you sitting next to an open space, they may take it to show you they're nearby for whatever you need.
  • Warmth: Golden Retrievers have two coats of fur, which means these pets love being warm and they'll seek out heat wherever they can get it. When the weather outside gets chilly, you may find your dog cuddled closer to you than normal. Cuddling together might keep the both of you a little warmer this winter.
  • Stress relief: When cuddling, both humans and pets experience a release of oxytocin, otherwise known as the "feel-good hormone." If your pup is stressed or senses that you might be anxious, they may jump up in your lap and make everything better!

Cuddling With Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Despite their energetic disposition, Golden Retriever puppies love cuddling as much as their adult counterparts. After you tire them out with a long walk or a game of fetch, they'll love snuggling up to you on the couch and settling in for a nap. golden retriever puppies love cuddling as much as their adult counterparts While cuddling may be the most obvious way your dog shows their love, dogs express love and appreciation in many other ways. Aside from cuddling, your Golden Retriever might also show their affection for you by:
  • Staying close: Your pet may stay close to your side and follow you around as you go throughout your day.
  • Displays of affection: They may give kisses, hugs or lick you.
  • Physical contact: If you notice your dog resting his paws on you or laying across your lap, they're showing you how comfortable you make them.
  • Dog language: When your Golden Retriever looks you in the eyes and wags their tail, it's their way of saying, "I love you!"

Golden Meadows Retrievers Puppies Are Good for Cuddling

And so much more! While our puppies are socialized to love a good cuddle, they also receive early neurological stimulation (ENS), leash training and crate training. We also teach them several basic and fun commands:
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Lay down
  • Wait
  • Crawl
  • Roll over
  • Dance
  • High-five
  • Play fetch
We'll introduce them to car rides and socialization manners so that your new pup is ready for any experience. We also complete health testing to guarantee every puppy against genetic health defects for up to three years, provided they receive proper nutritional care. If you love to cuddle and want a pet that will curl up with you every night, there's no better breed to bring home than a Golden Retriever. When you're ready to meet the happiest, most well-trained pup around, contact Golden Meadows Retrievers. We'll help you find your perfect furry match!

Do Golden Retrievers Like to Cuddle?