Coat Stages of a Golden Retriever

Coat Stages of a Golden Retriever

During adulthood, a golden retriever’s coat type can be described as long and flowing with some feathering. Since golden retrievers were bred as sporting dogs that retrieved game, the breed has thick coats with a good undercoat, so the fur is water-repellant. However, before gaining this adult coat, golden retrievers go through multiple stages of coat growth and shedding.

Golden Retriever Coat Stages by Age

A golden retriever puppy's fur growth starts with a soft, fluffy texture. At around three months of age, you will start to see some feathers as the puppy grows into a more adult coat. However, the exact time this feathering begins depends on genetics.

The three- or four-month mark is also when you will notice some long fur, which will generally start on the tail. Over about 18 months, this longer, adult fur will grow all over the dog and generally be darker than the puppy fluff. The adult fur won't eliminate the puppy fur but will instead form the undercoat.

Even in adulthood, golden retrievers will have some fur variation. Dogs that are outdoors much of the time will have thicker fur when compared to indoor dogs. There are also seasonal and genetic variations in fur.

When Do Golden Retrievers Get Fluffy?

Golden retrievers are born with a thin coat of fur, which is wet upon birth. As soon as it dries, it gets soft and fuzzy to protect the dog and keep its body temperature regulated.fluffy 7 week old golden retriever puppy wearing American flag bowtie

For the first three months of life, golden retriever puppies are little golden fluffballs. Although you will notice the puppy fur getting thicker in the first few months, it will remain short. Even at this stage, you will want to get your dog used to grooming by running a soft brush over your puppy’s fur at least a few times a week.

Golden retrievers are heavy shedders, and getting into a grooming routine early can help you avoid hair all over the house. As your puppy grows to three or four months, include a rake and pin brush in the grooming routine. The pin brush will help loosen any stray hairs of the outer coat while the rake will tackle the thicker undercoat.

Experience the Different Golden Retriever Coat Types

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Coat Stages of a Golden Retriever