Choosing a Family Pet: Benefits of Golden Retrievers for Children

Choosing a Family Pet: Benefits of Golden Retrievers for Children

Golden Retrievers are great dogs and they bring much joy to any household that embraces them.  This extremely exceptional breed of dog is intelligent, gentle, kind and loyal.  Additionally, these dogs are sweet, happy and very playful.  With the right training, they can be easily housebroken and keeping them around the home is almost effortless. A well-trained Golden Retriever is tremendously calm, affectionate and easy to teach.  These dogs are safe to have around the elderly and children and they freely express their love for each member of the household. Here is a list of benefits of having golden retrievers around children!

Why Are Golden Retrievers Great Around Children?

Children naturally love having a pet, and dogs are one of their favorite types. Yet, choosing the right breed of dog makes a big difference in the relationship a child will enjoy with their new addition to the family. While some breeds tend to snap at children, Golden Retrievers are loyal, gentle and full of enough energy to keep up with children as they play. They're one of the best family dogs you can find. Golden Retrievers are great around children for several reasons. They have the perfect temperament and personality to join a family with children. Here are three of the top reasons Golden Retrievers do well with kids:
  1. They have a calm, gentle temperament: Golden Retrievers are known for their calm and gentle demeanor. They are patient around unpredictable children and tend to be cautious when near smaller animals. These pups are among the least aggressive dog breeds as well.
  2. They're active and playful: Another reason Golden Retrievers are perfect for kids is that they can match a kid's level of energy and playfulness. They're an active and social breed.
  3. They're affectionate: Golden Retrievers love physical affection. They're also highly emotionally intelligent and offer companionship when they sense someone is upset. These traits are why Golden Retrievers are often trained as therapy dogs.
three of the top reasons golden retrievers do well with kids

Benefits of Golden Retrievers for Children

In addition to entertaining their human companions with their loving personalities, Golden Retrievers offer various benefits for families with children. Growing up with a Golden Retriever gives a child unique opportunities to learn, play and grow. Learn more about how Golden Retrievers can help children develop.

Practice Pet Safety

When a family first brings a dog into their home, it is important to teach children about how to treat animals with respect. For most children, the family pet will be their first close contact with an animal. Golden Retrievers are a laid back breed that is protective of their human companions once they are fully trained and adapted to a family. Therefore, this is a great place to begin teaching children how to handle a new puppy with gentleness while also teaching basic animal safety guidelines such as to leave an animal alone when they are eating.

Teach Responsibility

It is important to raise children to be responsible for themselves and others, and household chores are important for teaching this vital characteristic. A Golden Retriever must be fed properly and on a regular schedule, which gives kids the perfect opportunity to learn how to take care of another creature. Grooming, taking their new pet for walks and cleaning up their toys are all great options for giving children a role in caring for their pet. The best part is that your new Golden Retriever’s tail wags and licks are all the rewards your child will need to stay motivated to keep up with their new responsibilities. Your kids may not even realize that they're learning so many new skills since it's so much fun!

Reduce Potential Allergies

For many families, there's a concern about children developing allergies when they live with a pet. However, research has recently begun to show that children who grow up with pets tend to have fewer illnesses and allergies than those who are raised in pet-free households. Studies have found that infants are less likely to develop allergies such as asthma or eczema if their households contain cats and dogs during the first year of the child's life. It would appear that early exposure to animals gives children’s immune systems an opportunity to adjust to dander. Another reason Golden Retrievers could help reduce the chance of allergy development is that they love spending time outside. Getting outdoors and engaging in exercise gives a child’s immune system a boost.

Encourage Regular Exercise

Golden Retrievers have boundless energy that is the perfect match for a child’s youthful desire to play. To keep potential negative behaviors down, it is recommended for families to take their Golden Retriever for at least two half hour walks each day with plenty of outside playing time in between. Children love taking their canine companion out for walks, and Golden Retrievers can be trained to perform tricks such as retrieving a flying disc. This gives kids the perfect opportunity to engage in exercise that does not feel like working out. In fact, you will likely be met with an eager child every day who is begging to take their new puppy outside to play. For individuals who live an active lifestyle, Golden Retrievers make the perfect companions.  They love to run or jog and they enjoy swimming as well.  Their deeply ingrained instinct to retrieve is ideal for quickly fetching a ball after it has been thrown or a Frisbee after it has been tossed.

Inspire Self-Confidence

Golden Retrievers can be boisterous, and they like to be the leader of their pack. However, they quickly fall into line once they have been properly trained. For this reason, it is always recommended that young children learn how to provide their new puppy with commands that will get them to listen. For example, your child can be shown how to tell your Golden Retriever to sit or stay. Watching as the dog follows their commands teaches your child how to be a leader. As your child gets involved with training their new dog, they will develop greater self-confidence that comes through caring for another creature while establishing themselves as a dominant member of the family.

Promote Calm Behavior

Energetic children often need just as much activity as their canine companion to stay calm when it is required. Spending time burning off their energy playing with their pet is helpful for children who are hyperactive. Those with anxiety will also find that stroking their Golden Retriever’s soft coat provides them with stress-relief. Children also love talking to their pets, and you may be surprised to discover your child confiding in their Golden Retriever about their challenges and triumphs at school. In fact, Golden Retrievers are often recruited as companion animals for children who need the comfort of an animal’s calm, quiet demeanor.

Cultivate Emotional Awareness

Animals feel many of the same emotions as their human companions, and Golden Retrievers are great at expressing when they are happy or lonely. Learning to read your new puppy’s body language is a wonderful lesson in emotional awareness that will transfer to other areas of your child’s life. As your child learns that your dog’s behavior provides clues about when they want to play and when they prefer to have a few minutes to rest, they will gain powerful insight into how to adjust their behavior to another creature’s emotions. Caring for their pet also teaches empathy and compassion for the feelings of others. Attachment to a pet corresponds with a higher level of empathy. Kids will learn to recognize someone else's needs through reading nonverbal cues.

Enjoy Companionship

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, however, more importantly, your child will reap the benefits of canine companionship. Golden Retrievers are known as Velcro dogs that love sticking close to their favorite humans. Whether your Golden Retriever lies at your child’s feet while they do their homework or run alongside them during soccer practice, your child will love knowing that they have their best friend in the world seeking their companionship. Golden Retrievers are most renowned for being a breed that is very warm and laid back.   They can spend many hours playing, they love companionship and enjoy cuddling up against their owners as they read a book or watch television. A well-socialized Golden Retriever behaves even when there are many unfamiliar people around; therefore, they can be taken just about anywhere that permits dogs.

Why Golden Retrievers Are Ever-Faithful Companions

One of the world’s favorite dogs is the Golden Retriever. They are spunky, playful, faithful, obedient, and they make great pets! When properly trained, Golden Retrievers are perfect family dogs, as well as loyal canine companions.

Adorable & Feisty Puppies

There is little else in the world as cute as a Golden Retriever puppy, except perhaps two Golden Retriever puppies! Their fuzzy blonde coat and giant paws are hard to resist, which is why so many people give in and take puppies home. This is great for the dog, but sometimes it can be a huge problem for inexperienced owners. Without proper training, a puppy can quickly destroy prized possessions, ruin carpets and rugs with accidents, or scare children with exuberant wrestling. Many people simply do not know where to begin when it comes to training dogs and they may lose patience or become frustrated when their dog refuses to cooperate. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is to purchase a puppy that has already been trained.

Enjoying the Dog Without Training the Puppy

While puppies are very cute and can tug at anyone's heartstrings, raising an untrained puppy can be too much to handle. If you look for a breeder that will train each of their Golden Retrievers before sending them to live in a loving home, you can have a fantastic and adorable pet without the trouble of training a stubborn puppy. Training dogs take a lot of patience and experience. While many people are capable of training a puppy, they might not have the time required for the most effective training. Working with a dog full time is the best way to get results, but few people have that kind of free time. A trainer, on the other hand, is paid to make sure their Golden Retrievers have all the attention they need to succeed. When you look for a Golden Retriever to join your family, consider purchasing a pre-trained and responsibly bred puppy.

Choose to Bring a Golden Retriever Into Your Life

Choosing to bring a new puppy into your home will fill your days with love and companionship. For children, the benefits of a Golden Retriever are clear since the playful personality of this breed quickly adjusts to the energetic temperament of children. Golden Retrievers are one of the best choices for families with kids. From enjoying opportunities for exercise and play to teaching your child how to be responsible for their new best friend, you can provide a wealth of benefits to your household by choosing a Golden Retriever as your new family pet. If you'd like to learn about the Golden Retriever dogs and puppies we have available, contact us today!   Updated 12/7/21

Choosing a Family Pet: Benefits of Golden Retrievers for Children