Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Although cats and dogs have a long-standing reputation as archenemies, it is possible for them to become best friends — or at least live peacefully together! Adding a dog to your cat-owning family may be easier than you think — as long as you choose the right dog breed. Figuring out which dog breeds are the most cat-friendly can go a long way toward fostering a harmonious relationship between your furry companions.

Why Dogs and Cats Do or Don't Get Along

Certain dog breeds are less likely to get along with cats than others. For example, dogs in the Terrier Group were bred to hunt and kill vermin, so a fast-moving cat could trigger their predatory instincts. Sighthounds are naturally determined chasers, which few cats will tolerate. Your cat probably won't appreciate living with a member of the Herding Group either, as they have an instinctual tendency to corral anything that moves. On the other hand, dogs with easygoing personalities usually mesh well with cats. For example, dogs in the Toy Group are bred to be affectionate and sociable, and the Sporting Group includes many outgoing breeds that are happy to make friends with whoever they meet, including cats. Of course, the dog's and cat's personalities also come into play. Each animal may have traits that make them the exceptions to these breed generalizations. Plus, with the right introductions, socialization and training, most dogs can live calmly with a cat.

What Dog Breeds Are Good With Cats?

Here are some of the top cat-friendly dog breeds to consider as you search for the perfect new four-legged canine companion.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known for their playful, friendly personalities. Their outgoing nature and adaptability make it easy for them to accept a cat as part of the family. These sweet dogs are eager to please and seem to have a limitless supply of empathy that extends to each member of their family, including their feline siblings.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are generally very laidback dogs, which makes them friendly and tolerant of other animals. Although they can be stubborn when it comes to training, Basset Hounds typically have an easygoing personality that many cats respond to well. Basset Hounds are also loyal and patient, which can help ease the introduction and acclimation periods with the cat in your family.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are gentle giants known to get along with everyone they meet, regardless of species. Most of these friendly dogs are more than willing to share their space with a cat, thanks to their kind and accommodating nature.


Beagles were bred to hunt in packs, so they're naturally inclined to enjoy the company of other animals. They're also loving, carefree companions who are happy to accept a cat as a member of their pack.


Pugs are a friendly breed with a ton of personality. They love attention, so they're even likely to bond with your cat while you're out of the house. Pugs also tend to enjoy lounging around, reducing the chances that they'll chase your cat.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are affectionate dogs with fearless personalities. Although they're not much larger than a cat, they aren't likely to be intimidated. They love animals and always prefer to be in the company of others, so they're sure to appreciate having a feline companion. These spaniels also know when to back off, which is a must for living a peaceful life with a cat!


Bulldogs are renowned for their kind temperaments. They're typically friendly with other creatures, and their laidback personality makes it more likely that they'll enjoy a cat's company. Plus, their mellow energy means Bulldogs are always ready to curl up for a catnap.


Papillons are about the size of a cat, and their curious and friendly nature means they'll likely see your cat as a friend. Even if your cat is tempted to play with your Papillon's butterfly-shaped ears, your pup will probably think of it as a friendly game. Papillons like to join in on whatever fun the family is having — even if it involves the cat. Golden Retrievers from Golden Meadows Retrievers come from excellent pedigrees and have sweet temperaments

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Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds