Are Golden Retrievers Smart?

Are Golden Retrievers Smart?

Finding the right dog for you can be difficult sometimes, so it is a good idea to learn some of the things that set a breed apart. Golden Retrievers stand apart from many other breeds due to their nature and attitude. They are also set apart as one of the smartest dogs. The most objective way to test a dog's IQ relates to their obedience skills and working intelligence. While some of the most popular dog breeds fall into the average intelligence category, it can be interesting to know just how smart your dog is. Many experts rank Golden Retrievers as one of the most intelligent dogs, along with Border Collies, Poodles and German Shepards. So, why are Golden Retrievers so intelligent?


Golden Retrievers are intelligent when it comes to training, as that is what they were bred to do. They strive to be loyal and please the people around them. Many Golden Retrievers are trained to be hunting dogs, so their obedience must be top-notch. In a test of a Golden Retriever IQ, the breed ranked fourth among 138 breeds based on intelligence. These dogs were capable of learning a new command in fewer than five repetitions, which is very impressive when compared to other dog breeds. Compared to the average dog, the Golden Retriever was five times faster at learning new commands. They also have a 95% success rate of being able to obey a command on the first try! Training comes naturally to Golden Retrievers, and it is something that they enjoy doing! They might be easy to train because of their nature of pleasing people but they also really like treats, so make sure to reward them!

Other Factors

In addition to trainability, Golden Retrievers can exhibit other types of intelligence:
  • Emotional intelligence: Golden Retrievers can easily pick up on human emotions, making them excellent companion dogs. According to studies, they are as smart as a 2- or 3-year-old human and can learn more than 160 words.
  • Instinctive intelligence: This is the ability to have the skill in the area that they were bred for. Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve during small game hunting. These dogs have high instincts to do what they are good at doing, so they love playing fetch!
  • Adaptive intelligence: This is the ability to learn from mistakes or to learn on their own. Golden Retrievers have an excellent understanding of the environment around them, which allows them to learn from their experiences and interact well with children and other pets.

Consider Golden Meadows Retrievers for Your Puppy

Golden Retriever intelligence is top tier when compared to most other breeds. While these dogs are smart, owners should remember that they need a lot of training and exercise. They also enjoy being around people, getting attention and spending quality time. Golden Retrievers make excellent pets for active families. If you're interested in bringing home a Golden Retriever, fill out our Puppy Information Request Form to learn more!

Are Golden Retrievers Smart?