Birthdate: July 17, 2022
Available: May 24, 2023

Training: Trained
Stage: Young Adult
Gender: Male





Stone is a beefcake!! love his gorgeous head piece, beautiful movement and the combo long and fluffy coat.  Stone makes friend with all the other dogs He loves other dogs soo much he actually failed the CGC test because he  kept trying to touch, and play with the other dog. Not the most problematic  but the test doesn’t allow us to correct the behavior so he thought it was playtime.  We believe Stone would be happiest in a home with another dog. He is pretty good on his commands and does enjoy playing with us. Still a more submissive guy it doesn’t take any harsh words or corrections to get him to mind his manners.  A pretty good typical house pet. Loves the water but not much into toys.  a super sweet Lap dog wanna be. He can be slow to warm up to new place and people.