Pom Pom

Birthdate: May 8, 2023
Available: September 6th, 2023

Training: Trained
Stage: Puppy
Gender: Female


Pom Pom


Pom Pom wants to be the center of your world ! She is a classic family type Golden Retriever would love to run around and play with the kids then come in for some TV. Making sure she does expend her energy through play and fun outings will help keep her calm and focused on her manners for the rest of the time. She does have a strong nose but is very motivated by treats making her easy to work with and train. This is not the sort of dog that will want to be left alone in the yard for Hours so a family that is looking for a dog to participate in all the fun. Your typical happy golden girl! Pom Pom while she is submissive towards people and shows no dominance or aggressing she LOVES to cuddle!!
In short this is an active playful girl who only wants your attention and love, Pom Pom will never try to assert herself over anyone. You play with her and you snuggle with her and she is going to love you!